40 Days, Yoga Controversy, and Inspiration


My 40 Days challenge begins on Monday, and I am super excited! I have already begun mapping out which workshops I want to take and paired them with classes before or after they take place (hey, minimizes my driving from Point A to Point B–no sense in going back to Point B twice!). Throughout the challenge, I’ll try to give weekly updates and try to sync my activities with those that Baron Baptiste has discussed in his book on the topic. The first week is all about the concept of presence, which I’ll talk more about next week.

Truth be told, I actually began planning for the 40 Days challenge last week. Since its primary feature involves attending five classes per week, I began that last week with classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Yes, Easter Sunday! This was a benefit class at breathe, with donations going to their Off the Mat, Into the World challenge for this year. It was a great day of yoga alongside probably about 40-50 other people who all wanted to be there (or, as the instructor joked, had to make up some kind of excuse to be there!).

I’ll have a new monthly yoga entry fairly soon; I’ll be trying Anusara yoga this month (this weekend, in fact, if things go as planned). While the founder of the movement may have faced some recent controversy, I don’t think this reflects on the practitioners of Anusara-based yoga. I may be a “novice,” but to me, all yoga is good yoga. If it speaks to you, it must be doing something good, regardless of what others may say or believe.

And now, some inspiration for the upcoming week:

Y is For Yogini is full of a great mix of yoga and humor, but this list of Yoga Class Pet Perks (not Peeves) makes me smile. (This list is a good, and humorous, bonus!)

I am so excited to see Seane Corn in May, and this article she wrote about her days pre-yoga really sheds light on how transforming a yoga practice can be.

Think all yogis look like the ones you see on the pages of Yoga Journal? Think again! Check out these two amazing galleries of yoga for everybody–and every body!

Finally, a quote from Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days book that I really liked when I first read it. It resonated with me, and maybe it will resonate for you, too.

“Never making a decision is a decision unto itself. It is a decision to stay in a personal fog. Staying in the confusion is safe, because in the fog, we never have to face the mundane that comes with committing to a path. Everyone tries to avoid the mundane path, but that is the path that makes us grow.” (16)

Committing to the goal of completing the 40 days challenge may seem tedious or mundane, but it is certainly one that will bring results! I am so ready for Monday! How about you?


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