40 Days Challenge: Week 6


I apologize for this being so overdue, but time has really flown the past few weeks!

First off, yes, I did complete the entire 40 Days challenge! Whew! What a sense of accomplishment! So many things changed for me over the course of those 40 Days, and even though it’s not like I changed into a whole new person, I definitely feel like I have a different outlook on life. My mind and body have changed. I feel more energetic, more motivated, and more positive overall, and I can tell that I’ve gained muscle, lost a bit of weight, and even seen some improvement in my skin (!) from both that detoxing sweat to clean out the pores and from the nutrients I’ve received from eating healthier (pretty much as many fruits and vegetables as possible).

The very last week of the 40 Days challenge started out with a bang. Dahn, one of my favorite instructors, had just returned from Baptiste Level 2 training, and she worked Baron Baptiste’s “Journey into Power” sequence into her class. It was an energetic practice; the only thing missing from it was her usual crazy playlist of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Nelly. Despite the lack of music, I actually got a lot out of the class, and sometimes it’s nice to just listen to your breath (and the breathing of those around you).

My workshop for the week was on Tuesday—Core-Focused Vinyasa. It was exactly what it sounded like. I think this may have been the least popular workshop of the week (we had fewer than a dozen people in it); I think everyone else wanted to meditate or learn about essential oils. Since I had already done those things, though, I decided “Why not work the core a bit?” I used to hate core exercises with a passion; I’d tell myself I was too flabby, too weak, and that it was too painful to do them. I’ve since realized that this is the workout I need the most. Isn’t that what they say: the poses you like least are the ones you need most? The workshop ended up being a lot of fun and not too painful after all.

On Wednesday, I decided to take a Foundations class again—my second one in 40 Days. They’re a great way to still get your asana practice in without having to feel drenched in sweat when you leave, like with the hot classes. I returned to power vinyasa class on Thursday and Friday, and then I was done! The best part of practicing that Friday, besides being finished with 40 Days, was that I brought Amanda, one of my closest and oldest friends, with me! She’s been taking classes with me for the past three weeks now, so I’m really excited that I was able to convert yet another over to the dark side—er, I mean to yoga classes. (Seriously, I’ve brought five people with me at this point! Only two have done it more than once, though!)

I was actually a bit sad that 40 Days was over. Those weekly workshops were such a great reward for making it through each week. Luckily, the Seane Corn Full Day Chakra Flow Immersion followed the next day (I’ll write about that in a separate entry), so I wasn’t away from my practice for long! Another 40 Days challenge is planned for the fall at breathe, so I get to anticipate that as well! Who knows? Give me a few weeks and maybe I’ll make up my own challenge for myself.

Speaking of challenges, I had initially planned to try a new type of yoga each month. However, with my schedule packed full of yoga for the month of May, I sadly did not meet this goal. The good news, though, is that next I’ll write up my account of Seane Corn’s visit, so if anybody out there is really concerned, you can accept that as a substitute in the Monthly Yoga series.

Although it’s a bit late, I want to finish on another happy note. I’ve been struggling with three poses for a really long time: crow (bakasana), wheel (urdhva dhanurasana), and shoulder stand (salamba sarvangasana). It may have been over a week after 40 Days ended, but suddenly this Monday, all three of these just “clicked” for me during another of Dahn’s “Journey into Power” classes. I love when things like that finally just happen, and even though I would have liked them to happen sooner (like, during 40 Days sooner), I’m just happy that I finally got there! See? Change does occur when you put forth the effort!

Have you ever completed a 40 Days challenge—or just attempted one? Tell me about it in the comments!

Up next: Seane Corn Full Day Chakra Flow Immersion!


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