Outdoor Yoga for Independence Day? Sure!


Hello, everyone! I just wanted to throw a quick update on here since I’ve been away for a bit. There are an awful lot of links in this post, so I hope that doesn’t kill your productivity if that’s a concern for you. I will have at least two updates coming relatively shortly. The first is the long-awaited Seane Corn post detailing her visit to Rochester’s yoga scene. The second will be sharing my experience in a wonderful Iyengar-based yoga class in Brockport! The Beyond Center is, I think, one of very few studios on the west side of Rochester, and being a native to that area, I have to recognize them for that! (Seriously, what is with all these studios being on the opposite side of the county from me? We like yoga over here, too!)

Today, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, was the Fourth of July, and breathe yoga held their Independence Day benefit class at their East Ave. location in the city of Rochester, with proceeds going toward this year’s SEVA challenge. Donation-based benefit classes are the norm for breathe every time a major holiday rolls around, but today’s class was different because it was held outside! (They also included a very healthy picnic for afterwards, but I didn’t stick around for it.) The class today had probably about 130 yogis practicing out on the front lawn of the historic Hutchison House for a sunny and energetic practice. As my husband pointed out before I left, “You get to do sun salutations to the sun for once!” Can’t argue with that kind of optimism!

Here is a picture I took before we began. This isn’t even half of the group that was out there today! (Apologies for the awkward candid shot!)

Before the sun was in my eyes!

Some of you may have been directed here from my friend Lex’s blog Weekly Mac! If you have, welcome. Lex nominated me for an Illuminating Blogger Award, which I hadn’t heard of before, but I’m very grateful. The rules state that I must include something random about myself and then nominate five other bloggers, so here goes!

Random thing (I’ll make it yoga-related): Since beginning my yoga adventures, I have brought quite a few people with me to classes, such as Lex at Weekly Mac and my hubby, Joe, who you’ve read about for “Couples Yoga.” I have also brought my brother’s fiancee Lynn and my sister-in-law Angela with me–nothing like sharing yoga with family! Most recently, I introduced my good friend and “satellite sister” Amanda to yoga classes, and she’s been enjoying them so far! She comes with me once a week, which I think is a great way to start (I only did yoga maybe once or twice a week when I first began and just let it grow from there in the past year). Fun fact, though: I have improved my practice somewhat recently (i.e. in the past few weeks) in that I can do a shoulder stand and full wheel (no longer a flat tire), I can do a bind during side angle pose (but only on the right), and I can sort of do crow now if I start on a block. When I first started bringing Amanda with me, though, I couldn’t do any of those poses. Amanda, who had never done yoga before, could do all of them! Strange, right? Even stranger was that poses that come easily to me–like pigeon or archer arms–were ones that she couldn’t get into. Funny how different everyone’s anatomy is, and yet yoga can still be for everyone! I’m so happy that I get to share it with those around me.

My nominees (and some personal favorites):

Lex at Weekly Mac: This might be cheating since she nominated me, but whatever–go read her blog! (If that doesn’t count, check out Lex’s other blog, dedicated to the life of her rescue dog, Piper.)

Visually Illiterate: This is my friend Marie’s craft blog where she shows off her projects and discusses the goings-on of the crafting world. Go read it now and get inspired!

The Paper Sandwich, written by author (and my former professor) Anne Panning: Anne’s observations about her childhood, professional life, and family are both witty and poignant and always wonderfully insightful.

Body Divine Yoga: This is a yoga blog I came across a few months ago. The writer, Danielle, delves into multiple popular topics in the yoga community, making for some very informative reading.

Yogadork: This one’s over in my blog roll. Yogadork seamlessly blends yoga with humor because yoga should never be about taking yourself too seriously. I’m sorry Yogadork–I keep meaning to submit something to you, but I appear to have a bit of writer’s block*.

(*Hence the lateness of my Seane Corn entry, guys. Seriously, I should get on that.)

Like I said at the beginning of this post–many links! Happy reading!


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